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The power of fun and healthy book review.

The Power of Fun: Why fun is the key to a happy and healthy life – by Catherine Price

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It’s said that nobody’s dying regret is to wish they’d spent more time at the office, yet many of don’t make enough time for fun.

This book has been published with two different subtitles:

  • Why fun is the key to a happy and healthy life
  • How to feel alive again

One offers a sensible reason to read this book; the other offers a deeply emotional reason. Both are entirely valid.

Catherine Price sets out in this work to identify what fun actually is (she puts it at the intersection of playfulness, connection and flow) and how to have more of it (she gives a five-step method to build and integrate it into life).

In the category of criticism, this 334-page book is (in this reviewer’s opinion) a little padded and could have been an article instead. But the advice contained within it is sound, and the impact it can have might be profound.

Bottom line: if you find you’ve settled into a routine that’s perhaps comfortable, but not actually that much fun, this book will help you to liven things up.

Click here to check out The Power Of Fun, and feel more alive!

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