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A comprehensive book review focusing on the managing and origin of everyday moods.

The Origin of Everyday Moods: Managing Energy, Tension, and Stress – by Dr. Robert Thayer

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First of all, what does this title mean by “everyday moods”? By this the author is referring to the kinds of moods we have just as a matter of the general wear-and-tear of everyday life—not the kind that come from major mood disorders and/or serious trauma.

The latter kinds of mood take less explaining, in any case. Dr. Thayer, therefore, spends his time on the less obvious ones—which in turn are the ones that affect most of the most, every day.

Critical to Dr. Thayer’s approach is the mapping of moods by four main quadrants:

  1. High energy, high tension
  2. High energy, low tension
  3. Low energy, high tension
  4. Low energy, low tension

…though this can be further divided into 25 sectors, if we rate each variable on a scale of 0–4. But for the first treatment, it suffices to look at whether energy and tension are high or low, respectively, and which we’d like to have more or less of.

Then (here be science) how to go about achieving that in the most efficient, evidence-based ways. So, it’s not just a theoretical book; it has great practical value too.

The style of the book is accessible, and walks a fine line between pop-science and hard science, which makes it a great book for laypersons and academics alike.

Bottom line: if you’d like the cheat codes to improve your moods and lessen the impact of bad ones, this is the book for you.

Click here to check out The Origin of Everyday Moods, and manage yours!

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