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A graphic shows a person sitting on a yoga mat with hands pressed together in thought. Nearby, a cactus adds a touch of nature, while a speech bubble with an illustration of a butt and weights says "Avoid Yoga Butt." Text beside the graphic reads, "What is Yoga Butt?" and "10 almonds" logo. Hamstring injuries can be avoided with proper stretching.

The Hidden Risk of Stretching: Avoiding Hamstring Injuries in Yoga

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What is Yoga Butt

Have you ever experienced a mysterious pain while stretching, or perhaps during yoga? You might be dealing with “yoga butt,” a common—although rarely discussed—injury. In the below video, the Lovely Liv from Livinleggings shares her journey of discovering, and overcoming, “yoga butt”.

Dealing With Yoga Butt

Yoga butt, or proximal hamstring tendinopathy, occurs when the hamstrings are overstretched without adequate strengthening. Many yoga poses help stretch the hamstrings, but often don’t focus on strengthening said hamstrings; this imbalance is what can lead to damage over time.

To help prevent Yoga butt, it’s essential to balance stretching with strengthening. You can look into incorporating hamstring-strengthening exercises like Romanian deadlifts, hamstring curls, and modified yoga poses into your routine.

(If you’re new to strengthening exercises, we recommend reading Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts or Strength Training for Seniors).

Watch the full video to learn more and hopefully protect yourself from long-term injuries:

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