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Should You Shower Daily?

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❝I read an article that daily showering is “performative” and doesn’t really give any health benefits, what do you say?❞

We looked to find the article you might be referring to, and this seems to be about a BBC article that was then picked up, rehashed in fewer (but more sensational) words, and widely popularized by the New York Post (not the most scholarly of publications, but it seems to have “done numbers”).

Here’s the BBC article:

BBC | There’s no need to shower every day—here’s why

Looking for the science behind the “Experts say…” claims, none of the articles we found linked to any new research. One of them did link to some old (2005) research:

Sage Journals | Explaining Showering: A Discussion of the Material, Conventional, and Temporal Dimensions of Practice

We also see (in the dearth of scholarly research to cite), a Harvard Health article being cited quite a bit, and this is more helpful and informative than the flashy news articles, without requiring to read through a lot of hard science.

To summarize, Harvard’s Dr. Shmerling says daily showering can:

  • Cause/worsen dry skin
  • Make skin more permeable to pathogens
  • Upset our natural balance of bacteria that are supposed to be there
  • Weaken our immune system

Read in full: Harvard Health | Showering daily—is it necessary?

But what if I like showering?

Well, don’t let us stop you. But you might consider using less in the way of shower products. We wrote about this previously, in answer to a different-but-related subscriber question:

10almonds | Body Scrubs: Benefits, Risks, and Guidance


Handwashing, though? Most people could reasonably do that more often:

The Truth About Handwashing

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