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A graphic with the text "THIS OR THAT?" at the top. Below, there is an illustration of a bowl of white ice cream scoops on the left and a bowl of colorful fruit sorbet scoops on the right, separated by "VS" in the center. The background is a light mint green. Which one will you choose for a healthier treat?

Ice Cream vs Fruit Sorbet – Which is Healthier?

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Our Verdict

When comparing ice cream to fruit sorbet, we picked the ice cream.


Well, neither are great!

But the deciding factor is simple: ice cream has more nutrients to go with its sugar.

While “fruit is good” is a very reliable truism in and of itself, sorbet tends to be made with fruit juice (or at best, purée, which for these purposes is more or less the same) and sugar. The small vitamin content is nowhere near enough to make up for this. The fiber having been removed by juicing or puréeing, the fruit juice with added sugar is basically shooting glucose and fructose into your veins while doing little else.

Fruit juice (even freshly-pressed) is nowhere near in the same league of healthiness as actual fruit!

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Ice cream, meanwhile, is also not exactly a health food. But it has at least some minerals worth speaking of (mostly: calcium, potassium, phosphorus), and some fat that a) can be used b) helps slightly slow the absorption of the sugars.

In short: please do not consider either of these things to be a health food. But if you’re going to choose one or the other (and are not lactose-intolerant), then ice cream has some small positives to go with its negatives.

Take care!

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