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How To Ease Neck Pain At Home

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Dr. Bang is offering exercises to alleviate neck pain, which pain can be a real… Well, if only there were a good phrase for expressing how troublesome pain in that part of the body can be.

To be clear, he’s a doctor of chiropractic, not a medical doctor, but his advice has clearly been helping people alleviate pain, so without further ado, he advises the following things:

  • Taking the head and neck slowly and carefully through the full range of motion available
  • Contracting the neck muscles while repeating the above exercise, three times each way
  • Backing off a little if it hurts at any point, but noting where the limits lie
  • Repeating again the range of motion exercise, this time adding gentle resistance
  • Holding each end of this for twenty seconds before releasing and doing the other side, three times each way
  • Finally, stabilizing the head centrally and pushing into one’s hands, as an isometric strengthening exercise

He demonstrates each part clearly in this short (5:58) video:

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Take care!

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