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Half Of Americans Over 50 Have Hemorrhoids, But They Can Be Prevented!

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❝Hello. I was hoping you could give some useful tips about how to avoid a painful ailment that has affected Ernest Hemingway, Karl Marx, David Livingstone, Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, King Alfred, and Martin Luther, and, I confess, me from time to time … namely, hemorrhoids. Help!❞

Firstly: that list could be a lot longer! We don’t have global stats, but in the US for example, half of adults over 50 have hemorrhoids.

So, you’re certainly not alone. People just don’t talk about it.

But, there are preventative things you can do:

Fiber, fiber, fiber. See also:

Level-Up Your Fiber Intake! (Without Difficulty Or Discomfort)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

This one’s simple enough. If you are dehydrated, constipation is more likely, and with it, hemorrhoids.

Watch your meds…

Some medications can cause constipation—painkillers containing codeine are a common culprit, for example.

When you go, go!

Not only can prolonged straining promote hemorrhoids, but also (if you’ll pardon the phrasing—there’s only so delicately we can say this) simply sitting with things partway “open” down there is not good for its health; things can quickly become irritated, and that can lead to hemorrhoids.

So: when you go, go. Leave your phone in another room!

Wash—but carefully.

Beyond your normal showering/bathing routine, a bidet is a great option for keeping things happy down there, if you have that option available to you.

However, if you have hemorrhoids, don’t use soap, as this can cause irritation and make it worse.

Warm water is fine, as is a salt bath, and pat dry and/or use gentle wet-wipes rather than rougher paper.

You can follow up with a hemorrhoid cream of your choice (or hydrocortisone, unless that’s contraindicated by another condition you have)

Know when to seek help

Hemorrhoids will usually go away by themselves if not exacerbated. But if it’s getting unduly difficult, and/or you’re bleeding down there, it’s time to see a doctor.

Note on bleeding: even if you’re 100% sure you have hemorrhoids, there are still other reasons you could be bleeding, and so it needs checking out.

Hemorrhoid treatment, if needed, will vary depending on severity. Beyond creams and lotions, there are other options that are less fun but sometimes necessary, including injections, electrotherapy, banding, or surgery.

Take care!

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