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5 Ways To Beat Cancer (And Other Diseases)

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A Systematic Approach To Healthy Eating

Dr. William Li, known for ways to beat cancer and other diseases, in front of a blue background.

This is Dr. William Li. He’s a physician, cancer researcher, and educator. He also founded the Angiogenesis Foundation back in 1994.

We recently reviewed one of his books, “Eat To Beat Disease”.

He has another book that we haven’t reviewed at time of writing, “Eat To Beat Your Diet“, which you might like to check out.

What does he want us to know?

He wants us to know how to eat to beat cancer and other diseases, by means of five specific angles:


This is about replacing blood vessels, which of course happens all the time, but it becomes a problem when it is feeding a cancer in the process.

Here, based on Dr. Li’s work, is what can be done about it:

A List of Anti-Angiogenic Foods for a Cancer-Fighting Diet


Generally speaking, we want to replace healthy cells early, because if we wait until they get damaged, then that damage will be copied forwards. As well as intermittent fasting, there are other things we can do to promote this—even, Dr. Li’s research shows, for stem cells:

Doctor’s Tip: Regeneration (stem cells)—one of your body’s five defense systems

Microbiome health

Healthy gut, healthy rest of the body. We’ve written about this before:

Making Friends With Your Gut (You Can Thank Us Later)

DNA protection

DNA gets unravelled and damaged with age, the telomere caps get shorter, and mistakes get copied forward. So there more we can protect our DNA, the longer we can live healthily. There are many ways to do this, but Dr. Li was one of the first to bring to light the DNA-protecting benefits of kiwi fruit:

Kiwi: A Darling for DNA


Paradoxically, what’s good for your immune system (making it stronger) also helps to protect against autoimmune diseases (for most people, for the most part).

In short: it’s good to have an immune system that’s powerful not just in its counterattacks, but also in its discerning nature. There are dietary and other lifestyle approaches to both, and they’re mostly the same things:

Beyond Supplements: The Real Immune-Boosters!

and thus see also:

Keep Inflammation At Bay

Want to know more?

You might enjoy his blog or podcast, and here’s his TED talk:


Want to watch it, but not right now? Bookmark it for later 🔖


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