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The Truth About Chocolate & Skin Health

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❝What’s the science on chocolate and acne? Asking for a family member❞

The science is: these two things are broadly unrelated to each other.

There was a very illustrative study done specifically for this, though!

❝65 subjects with moderate acne ate either a bar containing ten times the amount of chocolate in a typical bar, or an identical-appearing bar which contained no chocolate. Counting of all the lesions on one side of the face before and after each ingestion period indicated no difference between the bars.

Five normal subjects ingested two enriched chocolate bars daily for one month; this represented a daily addition of the diet of 1,200 calories, of which about half was vegetable fat. This excessive intake of chocolate and fat did not alter the composition or output of sebum.

A review of studies purporting to show that diets high in carbohydrate or fat stimulate sebaceous secretion and adversely affect acne vulgaris indicates that these claims are unproved.

~ Dr. James Fulton et al.

Source: Effect of Chocolate on Acne Vulgaris

As for what might help against acne more than needlessly abstaining from chocolate:

Why Do We Have Pores, And Could We Not?

…as well as:

Of Brains & Breakouts: The Neuroscience Of Your Skin

And here are some other articles that might interest you about chocolate:

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