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Atomic Habits: the life-changing million-copy #1 bestseller – by James Clear

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James Clear’s Atomic Habits has become “the” go-to book about the power of habit-forming. And, there’s no shortage of competition out there, so that’s quite a statement. What makes this book stand out?

A lot of books start by assuming you want to build habits. That can seem a fair assumption; after all, we picked up the book! But an introductory chapter really hammers home the idea in a way that makes it a lot more motivational:

  • Habits are the compound interest of productivity
  • This means that progress is not linear, but exponential
  • Habits can also be stacked, and thus become synergistic
  • The more positive habits you add incrementally, the easier they become because each thing is making your life easier/better

For example:

  • It’s easier to save money if you’re in good health
  • It’s easier to sleep better if you do not have financial worries
  • It’s easier to build your relationship with your loved ones if you’re not tired

…and so on.

For many people this presents a Catch-22 problem! Clear instead presents it as an opportunity… Start wherever you like, but just start small, with some two-minute thing, and build from there.

A lot of the book is given over to:

  • how to form effective habits (using his “Four Laws”)
  • how to build them into your life
  • how to handle mishaps
  • how to make sure your habits are working for you
  • how to see habits as part of your identity, and not just a goal to be checked off

The last one is perhaps key—goals cease to be motivating once accomplished. Habits, on the other hand, keep spiralling upwards (if you guide them appropriately).

There’s lots more we could say, but it’s a one-minute book review, so we’ll just close by saying:

This book can help you to become the kind of person who genuinely gets a little better each day, and reaps the benefits over time.

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