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Seven Things To Do For Good Lung Health!

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YouTube Channel Wellness Check is challenging us all to do the following things. They’re framing it as a 30-day challenge, but honestly, there’s nothing here that isn’t worth doing for life 😉

Here’s the list:

  • Stop smoking (of course, smoking is bad for everything, but the lungs are one of its main areas of destruction)
  • Good posture (a scrunched up chest is not the lungs’ best operating conditions!)
  • Regular exercise (exercising your body in different ways exercises your lungs in different ways!)
  • Monitor air quality (some environments are much better/worse than others, but don’t underestimate household air quality threats either)
  • Avoid respiratory infections (shockingly, COVID is not great for your lungs, nor are various other respiratory infections available)
  • Check your O2 saturation levels (pulse oximeters like this one are very cheap to buy and easy to use)
  • Prevent mucus and phlegm from accumulating (these things are there for reasons; the top reason is trapping pathogens, allergens, and general pollutants/dust etc; once those things are trapped, we don’t want that mucus there any more!)

Check out the video itself for more detail on each of these items:

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Take care!

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